It can seem contradictory that even positive rewards sometimes enhance intrinsic motivation, yet at other times inhibit intrinsic motivation (especially in education where rewards are often categorized strictly as positive/negative for behavior modification contexts). For example,

Although positive feedback, by enhancing a sense of mastery or competence, enhances intrinsic motivation... 
...some forms of praise can be experienced as external evaluations, pressure, or control (even positive praise).

In your paper, describe Self Determination Theory’s three needs or ingredients to psychological well-being and intrinsic motivation. Explain how rewards relate to these needs. Differentiate which rewards enhance and which rewards than inhibit intrinsic motivation. Address how to structure academic rewards (grades, percentage scores, feedback, GPA, 4-3-2-1 scores, comments, stickers, class ranks) to enhance motivation, as well as what structures can inhibit motivation.

Four to Six pages – label it JPrepAsgmtMotivation and be sure to include your name in the name of the file (e.g. JPrepAsgmtMotivation – Lennie Symes).