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Learn about the two approaches to our professional learning courses:
Journey or Traditional

These courses are a good fit if you…

Explore the framework that lays the foundation for all these courses

Check out the condensed Admin Journey courses geared to administrators

Own My Learning Journey

These courses guide educators to reflect on educational strategies and APPLY what they gain from the course. The Journeys are geared for teachers who like to immerse themselves in new content and to problem solve its integration into instructional planning. There are five strands to the Own My Learning (OML) Journey:

Explanation of the Courses

Explanation of the Videos

Each course exposes you to articles, podcasts, and videos on a wide variety of content all geared to personalized / customized / blended / mastery-based learning. Much of this content centers on important educational and cognitive research. Here I explain the three types of videos produced for these courses.

…FYI outtake at the end of the video

The Journey courses may fit your needs if you crave:

  • moving from less productive traditional structures/practices toward more research- and evidence-based instructional strategies
  • understanding current thinking in learner intrinsic motivation
  • incorporating feedback strategies that emphasize learner thinking and next steps, not correctness of assignments
  • applying instructional strategies as part of the process of your learning, actively implementing changes in your instruction (not just talking about it)
  • exposing yourself to cognitive science research and strategies
  • incorporating deeper levels of learner action-choice and decision-making
  • structuring activities to enhance learner agency more than compliance
  • working hard at absorbing professional content and looking for results when applying it

If this appeals to you, let’s start the Journey!

Own My Learning Admin Journey

These courses include condensed versions of the teacher journey courses geared for administrators to gain a broad understanding of educational strategies and the evidence/research behind them. These courses help determine what are reasonable expectations of change for your staff. The emphasis for several of these administrator courses builds on leadership team facilitation skills to tackle the difficult tasks of changing weight-bearing walls of outdated educational structures (see the book Inevitable).

Own My Learning Traditional

These courses resemble more of a “sit ‘n git” format. These courses tend to focus on single theme. Since there is less emphasis on implementation, feedback to participants is significantly less. Educators who prefer a more surface level exposure and less emphasis on implementation will enjoy this content.

Own My Learning Framework

So how do you incorporate important but sometimes overwhelming change in buildings and classrooms? Educators can better incorporate change if they have a roadmap or framework to plan their progress on this journey. These courses are based on the OML Framework which examines teacher planning, intended learner results, and structures planning. This framework incorporates current thinking on intrinsic motivation (Self Determination Theory) and Hattie’s Visible Learning meta-analysis of learning influences.

To learn more, watch this intro to the OML Framework

Part 2 explains how intrinsic motivation (Self Determination Theory) and Hattie’s Visible Learning research are incorporated