As we progress through all the Journey courses, certain Instructional Look4s are designated to each class. For this preparatory class, we will pull a sampling of Look4s from each future course:

(from Journey Choice) Customization 2 Student Driven – Page 8
(from Journey Feedback) Purposefulness 2 Awareness of Progress – Page 10
(from Journey Agency) Community 1 Belonging – Page 16
(from Journey Challenge) Rigor 1 Cognitive Lift – Page 6

Your assignment: choose at least one Look4 strategy from each of the four groups and implement it in some way in your classroom planning, culture, or instruction. These should be something new you are adding to the classroom or lessons, not something already implemented (honor system). These may take the form of implicit instruction and/or planning a new classroom practice or structure.

For example, for Customization 2 Student Driven you might choose the strategy

Providing opportunities for students to reflect on their progress, set appropriate goals, make plans to meet those goals, and build skills to meet these plans

Page 8

This may take the form of a new reflection/goal form provided to learners via paper or electronically (possibly collaborative documents or LMS). This may also include a description of the implicit instruction to help learners use the new form properly.

Note that some strategies are harder to turn in evidence than others. For example, the Rigor 1 Cognitive Lift strategy

Encouraging students who are passively and/or actively disengaged from learning activities

Page 6

If you implement this strategy, you need to develop a criteria you use to determine disengagement (is it a student survey or observed behavior?) and some way to measure if your encouragement had an impact (it could be behavior you look for via observation, or it could be as simple as a discussion with the learner). How will you track this over time? In other words, give me evidence of your planning and implementation of these new strategies and track progress. If you can, design your strategy as an ongoing structure; look for ways to demonstrate these strategies as more than a try-once-and-done implementation.

Assignment JPrepAsgmtLook4s: For the four or more Look4 activities, turn in a paper describing each strategy and include 1) your planning and thinking as you implemented it, 2) how you put together the lesson or instructional structure 3) how students reacted to the activity or structure, and 4) things to improve for next time (if you are not in front of students at the time you are taking this class, describe what you anticipate for learner likes/frustrations with the activity). Include any new forms/documents or screenshots of LMS structures. Five to eight pages – label it JPrepU2AsgmtLook4s and be sure to include your name in the name of the file (e.g. JPrepU2AsgmtLook4s – Lennie Symes).