This is a choice assignment based on the two activities from Unit 1,
Cult of Pedagogy Blended Learning 

Learning Scientists Spaced Practice

Your task is to implement some of the ideas from one of the articles/podcasts. These should be things you have to implemented in the past (honor system). Write a paper describing:
1) Which one you chose and why?
2) What ideas/concepts do you plan to implement?
3) What are specific logistics do you need to make it successful? Provide the handouts/ (or URLs of LMS pages) of learner directions and/or practice. Be sure to describe the learners you are implementing with.
4) Post implementation: how did it work with the learners? Are there things you would change to make it work better next time? (If it the time of year where you do not have students, provide some expectations you have for how it will be received by learners, positive and negative; because you are not implementing with learners, be more explicit in your details of planning above, e.g. what learners will probably love it, which learners will struggle).

Both of these activities will take time to plan and implement, so start early to give yourself adequate time. Three to four pages – label it JPrepU1AsgmtIntegration and be sure to include your name in the name of the file (e.g. JPrepU1AsgmtIntegration – Lennie Symes).