Learning Scientists: Spaced Practice

Learning Target: Examine the research behind spaced practice strategies

Learning Scientists produces great materials for educators:
“We are cognitive psychological scientists interested in research on education. Our main research focus is on the science of learning.”

When you get to Journey Challenge | Collaboration you will find one of your book reading options is Five Teaching and Learning Myths—Debunked: A Guide for Teachers from the Learning Scientists authors.

Learning Scientists did a series on research-based instructional strategies that impact short- and long-term learning. Throughout the Journey Series we will highlight some of these concepts. Today we focus on Spaced Practice. Note there are 4 parts to this:
1) Blog that describes the concept
2) Materials like posters or bookmarks for learners
3) Podcast to give tips
4) Podcast that provides the research basis

Take a moment to review all four.

LrngSci Spaced Practice
Blog | Materials | Podcast on Spaced Practice | Podcast on Research of Spaced Practice