Learning Target: Identify the predominance of carrot–>stick mentality in business and education systems and how it typically impacts intrinsic motivation in negative ways.

Understanding current research on motivation is crucial for any change in instruction. So much of traditional education is infused with outdated notions of motivation, to the point where often these strategies/structures are actuality de-motivating. Implementing dramatic instructional changes while still embracing these outdated structures that degrade motivation can be a recipe for discouragement.

Throughout the Journey courses, we distributed modules on understanding motivation (there is too much to take in one setting). To set the stage for our motivation videos, let’s take a look at Daniel Pink’s explanation about out-of-date thinking on motivation.

View The Puzzle of Motivation TedTalk (Daniel Pink author of Drive)

Learning Target (in question form): If traditional methods for motivation are detrimental to intrinsic motivation, what are the three components that positively impact it?

Lit Lecture: Intro to Intrinsic Motivation (SDT)

Related material coming up in Unit 2