Learning Target: Develop a big-picture view of how to incorporate personalized and mastery-based learning.

This Own My Learning Framework provides the foundational structure to our online courses. Imagine after taking this course being asked these difficult questions:

  • How do we get started?
  • How do we approach our own professional learning to address the skills for us to make the necessary changes to our instruction?
  • This is a multi-year process that is overwhelming. How do we break down the knowledge needed to incrementally move forward?
  • What research (educational and cognitive) supports the strategies we are implementing?

Truly, take a moment and ask yourself how you would answer these questions.

This framework addresses these concerns. It does so by laying out in detail: expectations of our learners, teacher instructional planning needed to help the learners, and the outdated educational structures found in most schools/districts.

The OML Framework provides guidance for implementing personalized/customized/blended learning, as individual educators or as a staff.

(coming up in Unit 2) Intro to the Framework Part 2