Feedback vs Grades and Mark Withholding

These topics introduce you to some strategies I use with participants in this course. These topics are covered in the Journey Feedback Evidence course. It is important for you to know now how we incorporate this feedback within this class.

There are three important learning targets to review:

Learning Target: Examine the motivational factor of feedback vs grades.

This video explains the impact of providing scores with instructional comments.

Particularly pay attention to the section 2:30-6:00.

FYI, the book referenced in this video is one of the optional readings for Unit 2 of Journey Preparation.

Learning Target: Utilize an instructional strategy to minimize the negative impact of grades with instructional feedback.

Based on research cited in the first video, this article explains why a teacher / facilitator would withhold grades for a time

Learning Target: Explore ways to incorporate learner thinking into feedback.

Feedback should reflect the learners’ thinking as opposed to “correctness” of the work. This video explains how I incorporate that with thinking maps for your assignments