Podcast: Co-constructing Success Criteria with Students

Interview starts 6 minutes 30 seconds into the podcast

Notes Sheet (fill in the blanks and answer the questions:

9:15 elevator pitch: 

_______ and _______ that we use in school systems can be harmful to student learning

Educators have the capacity to shape ________________________________

We take a ________-based approach 

We make sure to give very direct, instructive ______, and we make it an iterative process where their voice is a large part of how we assess them with _______ and ______.

11:11 Trying to implement Gradeless in a grading school structure…

12:45 What co-construction of success criteria is essentially is _____________ with students for success.

The reason we want to do this is because it’s going to help with __________.

It’ll then help the kids be more able to _______ because they know what they’re doing, they know what they’re looking for. They’ve seen _________ before they started. They had opportunities to ask questions, and now they have a clear understanding of _______________.

What role should rubrics play? (more on rubrics later)

18:25 Kids have to be familiar with the language of standards… we have kids unpack the standards in small groups…indicators that would definitely need to be fleshed out a bit in terms of what that word actually means to make it less ambiguous in this particular setting.

I’d ask kids to highlight the verbs, because the verbs are generally the _______, and then have them circle the nouns so that those are the __________. 

What does she describe as important points when unpacking standards with students?

28.35 What does success look like on a project?

How can you use exemplars?

36:15 What needs to be done prior with students to be able to answer the question “What are you going to need more support with?”

The real distinction between proficiency and mastery is _______ and _____________

41:05 Rubric vs no rubric—“I think it depends on the size of the assessment you’re working with.” What guidelines does she give?

The next part of that activity could be to _____ and _______ the criteria you’ve put together. Then just _______ what’s most important